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Purchase recommendations during the Coronavirus... Hint, it's not toilet roll...

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Gyms have closed. BrizFit has stopped :( Lots of people find themselves working from home and even if you're not, you're certainly spending a lot more time there.

So, why not have a home workout? There's no better time to be keeping yourself fit and healthy and equally keeping your mind sane in these difficult times, which exercise is hugely beneficial for.

A good workout definitely does NOT require any equipment but sometimes it's nice to mix it up or just be able to add some alternative exercises. If you're thinking of making any equipment purchases that aren't going to make a serious dent in your bank account then here are my recommendations...

Dumbbells: Either a pair at the same weight or, slightly pricier, adjustable ones. So many exercise possibilites (biceps curls, flys, shoulder press) and enables you to simply make other exercises slightly harder, for example, squats. Equally, tins of baked beans or bottles of water will also do the job.

Kettlebell: Kettlebells are amazing but only use one at home if you've used one before under the supervision of a trainer and are confident using one at home. They're a brilliant piece of equipment and can provide a whole body workout but if they're not used correctly or with poor form, you will do more damage to yourself than good

Resistance Bands: They can make an ordinary body weight exercise much harder by adding (you've guessed it) resistance!

Skipping Rope: Amazing all over workout and easy to get out to do a minute or so here or there throughout the day. Once you've mastered normal skipping, challenge yourself with double unders... just be prepared for the odd whip or two...

Suspension Trainer or TRX: Just make sure you have somewhere strong and suitable to hang it from. Another great bit of kit suitable for all fitness levels. Workouts are easy on the joints and there's lots of variation for possible exercises as well as having loads of progressions levels.

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