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location and times

bootcamp timetable

Monday: 6pm in Almondsbury (Almondsbury Creative)


Tuesday: 7pm in Thornbury (Mundy Playing Fields)


Wednesday: 6pm in Almondsbury (Almondsbury Creative)


Thursday: 7pm in Thornbury (Mundy Playing Fields)

Friday: 9.30am in Almondsbury (main hall at Almondsbury Creative)


Saturday: 8.45am in Thornbury (Mundy Playing Fields)

All year round.  Running sessions whatever the weather!




first week free

We're so confident you'll love Brizfit's bootcamp that we want you to have your first week for free - there are 5 sessions to choose from each week so come along to as many as you can! 


Give it a try, you've got nothing to lose!

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