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BrizFit Member of the Year

Congratulations to Laura, our very first Member of the Year!

Laura joined bootcamp in July 2019 and has been a consistent member ever since during the many lockdowns with bootcamps on Zoom and through all of the challenges of the past year. She even came to one of the wettest bootcamps on record on her birthday!!

She has come so far with her fitness having started as a virtual beginner and is now one of our fittest members. She truly goes to show that hard work and perseverance pays off. We’re not sure we’ve ever heard her complain (not to our faces anyway!), gives it her all and just gets the job done week after week. She’s lost over 2 stone and is ready to be the most beautiful bride at her wedding next week!

Laura, we’re all super proud of you. Keep up the great work and have the BEST wedding day!

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